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Your solution for a more comfortable fitting undergarment.

We designed this product just for slightly over-sized woman who may have issues with heat rash, Intertrigo, Candida, yeast infection rashes, irritation or chafing beneath the abdominal (tummy) fold. This patent-pending design is a specialized undergarment for women with a solution to those types of problems.



Intertrigo, Candida & Yeast Infection Protection Under Belly

Tuck-Undies are a “specialized undergarment for women” who may have a protruding abdomen and abdominal fold, and may be experiencing irritation, itching, rashes, and infections beneath the abdominal fold or suffer from Intertrigo and Candida. Most of all, we hope you enjoy your time browsing here at Tuck-Undies, and look forward to you experiencing the relief and comfort that comes with this unique and revolutionary undergarment design.

We encourage you to read on and find out just why Tuck-Undies are so special, and how they will help you feel both more comfortable and protected. Learn about Tuck Undies, browse through our collection, or view our variety of attractive fabrics. For your convenience, we've included a size chart to help you figure out your best fit.

Tuck Undies Foot Flourish

Back View

Tuck Undies Foot Flourish

Front View

Tuck Undies Foot Flourish

Side View

Tuck Undies Foot Flourish

Tuck-Undies are a patent-pending design undergarment used to address the problems associated with the abdominal fold irritation. It is an undergarment that has added moisture wicking protection that folds underneath the abdomen to keep the area dry and irritation-free, thus eliminating the need for medications, powders, and visits to the doctor’s office for antibiotics and medical treatment. Many “slimming” garments compress the area and are uncomfortable to wear, while Tuck-Undies are comfortable and keep you dry and irritation free. The patent-pending design is a solution to this age old problem. In short, it works an Tuck Undies are all hand made. Types of material and colors may not always be available due to material availability. Plain white is always available.

Tuck Undies Foot Flourish