About Tuck Undies

Custom Orders Available

Custom Orders: Custom orders for a certain color combination and sizing is provided as a service, but it will take a bit longer to find the material, make, and ship. Timing depends on material availability. Please feel free to contact us in that regard and we will do our best to accommodate.

Specialized just for your needs...

Tuck-Undies are a “specialized undergarment for women” who may have a protruding abdomen and abdominal fold, and may be experiencing irritation, itching, rashes, and infections beneath the abdominal fold.

No more medications, powders, or doctor visits...

Tuck-Undies are a patent-pending design undergarment used to address the problems associated with the abdominal fold irritation. It is an undergarment that has added moisture wicking protection that folds underneath the abdomen to keep the area dry and irritation-free, thus eliminating the need for medications, powders, and visits to the doctor’s office for antibiotics and medical treatment.

Comfortable, and all hand-made...

“Slimming” garments compress the area and are uncomfortable to wear. Tuck-Undies are comfortable and keep you dry and irritation free. The patent-pending design is a solution to this age old problem. In short, it works! This product is all hand made. Types of material and colors may not always be available due to material availability.Plain white is always available.

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